the Makeup Show Orlando-now on my list of best days EVERRRR!! ♥♥♥

Hi everyone! I hope you are ready to experience this!!!! I think I’m still reeling in all of the excitement from the day I went to the Makeup Show Orlando which was Sunday, November 4th!! I hope to represent all the wondrous, magnificent, breathtaking, and awe-inspiring things I saw. The full experience will be spread over 2 (possibly more!) posts. There’s so much that I couldn’t possibly squeeze it all into one post. I did try though. I hate cliffhangers! (THIS MEANS YOU AMC! I’m furious about THE WALKING DEAD split season!!!!!)

****WARNING**** There are some photos contained in this post with mild art nudity. If this offends you, please close your browser window immediately!!

I had heard about the Makeup Show Orlando in January, so this was quite a long time coming for me. I was so excited that the show was coming to FL I was beside myself!!! The Makeup Show usually goes to a few scheduled locations every year. NEVER BEFORE was it set for Orlando on this short list of lucky host locations! I’m extra lucky that Orlando is in my own backyard too! A Facebook page was even made for the event, so I excitedly RSVP’d myself on the page in January or so. Then the torture began.

As the year went on, the other shows posted pictures from their event. Each time, I was getting more and more anxious! On top of that, there were also various dates of the IMATS (International Make-up Artist Trade Show) going on, fanning the flames!!!!!

As my plans were made so far in advance, there were a few changes as to who was coming along with me. A great friend of mine ended up moving sooner than planned to the country of Niger, so she obviously would not be coming. A photographer friend of mine had some car issues which eliminated him, UGH! (I am not a fan of changing plans once they are set!!!) The lucky guest that came with me was a fellow blogger. I’m going to keep you in suspense for a little while longer…. Just because. LOL!

I read and re-read the exhibitors list and had (somewhat grandiose) plans to go to as many of the keynote and seminars as possible!

The Makeup Show logo sign with sponsors

FINALLY THE DAY ARRIVED! The trip itself was thankfully uneventful! Well, aside from some political skywriting, that is. We got to the Peabody Hotel, parked okay, and made our way to the event ballroom…..

My friend and I walked in and got our admissions settled. You are given a brochure when you get there that maps out the exhibitors and a schedule for all educational events. We both got our booklets and smartly opened them off to the side of the action. We found the exhibitors we knew we definitely wanted to stop by (as if we were going to *not* see any of them!!) and then attempted to plan a strategy. My friend asked me what I wanted to do. I told her which educational events we should hit and started to go around. I don’t exactly recall the specific order in which we went around. This will not be sequential, my memory is so fragmented!!

A Make Up For Ever Artist making the magic happen!

There were not just a few people in this huge ballroom. There were so many people at times you had to wait to move through the crowd! On top of that, everyone there is probably as equally entranced by the amazing things going on around them that they aren’t even able to focus on the hordes of people standing near them! As we walked past the Make Up For Ever booth, this work was beginning.

A closeup of the Make Up For Ever Art in Progress!!

I believe there was a sign that the Makeup Artist had up that showed this character as being a queen of some sort.

Crown Brush booth. First attempt!!

The first time My friend and I went up to the Crown Brush booth, it was so packed that we could not even get close enough to see what they had for sale at the booth!!! There was a line that stretched the length of the entire booth, which by my guess (and I’m really no good at this!!) was 30 feet long at least?? It was long, I’m sure my guess is nowhere near the actual number. Anyway, the line was moving quite slowly. The funny thing is, we learned later that it wasn’t supposed to be an actual line! People just try to remain orderly by nature I suppose, LOL!

The Powder Group ^_^

The Powder Group booth was a particular favorite of mine. Hurricane Sandy had just gone through NYC a few days before the show, on October 29th. The gentlemen representing the Powder Group were able to bring just a little with them. The Powder Group is a Professional Group that inspires and helps professionals that work in the beauty community achieve their goals. It’s quite hard to sum them up in a few lines so I truly suggest you check out their website. There are so many services they offer, that I’d hate to box them in. They are the creative and organizational force that brought the Makeup show to life. They are so much more than that. Just check them out, seriously!!!

Imagine packing in the dark for a business trip! One of the gentlemen was going on a planned vacation after the show. So, Hurricane at home leaves everything crazy. You have to work out of town, then go on a vacation with whatever you’ve managed to piece together in the dark? Not to mention the NY to Florida packing challenges….  BRAVO to the fine folks with the Powder Group for coming down and showing Sandy who’s boss!

Inglot Cosmetics. This was the skin care side.

Inglot eyeshadows and blushes

OH Inglot!!! Where to begin? I, like many of you I’m sure, drool over their stuff all the time! Everything is amazing! They brought so much with them I was undecided on what needed to go home with me. Unfortunately, my budget was minuscule at this time, so my purchases were regrettably tiny. Just drool over the pictures. All the gorgeous stuff!!! I wish I’d brought enough money to take it all home! As this was an industry event, the items were at professional discounted prices too. Imagine my agony?!

Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Coming up to the booth for Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry we knew there would be some cool demos to see….

Bet you are wondering, what are they all looking at?

Cosmix Art Demo in Progress….

AHA! Makeup Art happening right before your eyes!

If only Cosmix wasn’t so far from where I live!!!

Ofra Cosmetics

I was drawn in my the banner over the Ofra Cosmetics booth!! Then I found out they are a FLORIDA based company which made me even more happy!!! Plus the products are amazing! I really was looking for the crazy colors shown on the banner, which weren’t available at the show. I do know that there are in the works! The Ofra Cosmetics Facebook page is a great place to find out about contests, giveaways, and promotions that happen all time time too!!! I’m really excited to see what new and exciting stuff comes out of this FL Beauty company!

Smashbox Cosmetics

Smashbox was on site and had their primers on hand which I wanted to get more time with. There is so much in the Smashbox line that I need to seriously devote some time to familiarizing myself with. Of particular interest to me is their Photo Finish More Than Primer Dark Spot Correcting. As you may have noticed, I’m blessed cursed with TONS of freckles!!! Which I hope to remedy…. someday. Just to lighten them a bit. There are tons of products that look really amazing in the Smashbox line!!!! I got to play with them a lot at the show!!!  I now have a good wish list to get myself through over the next year!

Stila Cosmetics

Stila also had a booth. We really wanted to get in there to take a look. It was really busy the first time we went by, then we just ran out of time. There were so many things to look at, you’d be surprised just how fast time flies by when you are in there!!!

Cara Cosmetics

Cara Cosmetics

Another Florida company that caught my attention was Cara Cosmetics!!! Cara Cosmetics has cosmetics, and professional cosmetic kits for sale. They also offer classes for all levels and there is also a spa associated in case you need someone to help you look your best too.

My eye look, after it had been enhanced with glitter liner. More on this to come…

As I got ready, I wasn’t quite sure what I should even wear there since I knew there would likely be demos. But I didn’t wanna look like someone who didn’t know how to put on makeup…. dilemma. So, I put on some of my fave Indie makeups and hoped that it wasn’t too much or too little. ^_^

I’ll talk more about all that in the next post.

Motives Cosmetics Booth

Motives is a cosmetics company that also empowers women to make money while selling products that are formulated to be quality beauty products that are good for your skin. I hadn’t heard of Motives prior to the show. This company looks like they are trying to to do a positive thing for woman of all ages!!!

Smaller logo and sponsor sign

Smaller logo and sponsor sign

Another sign at the show. We walked around so much!!!

PURSEBUZZ!!! Will Elessa Jade be there?

I hoped so much that I would possibly meet Elessa Jade of Pursebuzz!!! When we went by her booth, she wasn’t there!!! I also thought to myself that I had no idea what I’d even say to her that wouldn’t sound like stupid fangirl gushing! She’s just so ADORABLE! What do you say?! “Hi, I love your videos and posts, and all the things you publish!” Um, yeahhh. That’s a bit, ODD! So I thought it was probably for the best anyway……



you’ll have to read the next post….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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