Eco-Emi January unboxing

Beauty Boxes!!!! Lots of boxes… I wish I was the person who first came up with this concept. What an awesome thing, seriously! If you’ve looked into beauty boxes, you’ll see there’s tons of them out there. The Eco-Emi box stood out to me especially since it is unique in that the products included in the boxes are natural, organic, and/or green products!!! (。♥‿♥。) In my day to day life, I try to live as eco-friendly as possible, so this was just what I was looking for. It can be daunting to sort through all of the products out there since thankfully being green and eco-conscious is trending!!! I hope that never changes!!!!!!!! I will try to hold the preaching down to a minimum in this post. *try*

Seriously, why wouldn’t you want to live a life that makes a smaller impact on our world ecologically? Taking care of our earth is everyone’s responsibility. Taking care of your body is equally important. If you can combine the two things, then WINNER! Pretty people, pretty earth, right? LOL ♡^▽^♡

When I heard about Eco-Emi at all, I of course went immediately to the about page. AND WOW!!! The words the owner Christine used to describe the purpose/mission of the company could easily have come out of my own mouth! w(°o°)w

I know first-hand how overwhelming the world of natural, organic, green products can be. Whether you are searching for beauty products without harmful chemicals that do not test on animals, clothing made from organic materials or non leather and other animal materials or the ever overwhelming number of food and drink products free of harmful dyes, preservatives, hormones and other bizarre additives, Eco-Emi is designed to be an informative and fun way to try and buy eco friendly products and take charge of what you put on and into your body once and for all. We have one body and one earth and it is time to jump on the green train and Eco-Emi is here to help get you started.” 

I was so excited just reading that, you have no idea!!! And it’s sooooooooo true! I got the January box from Eco-Emi and am happy to share what arrived in it!! (WARNING: You will likely end up running to subscribe if you are a beauty and environment lover like me. I understand if you think have to turn away now if finances are an issue. *HANG IN THERE WITH ME ANYWAY!*) \(^0^)/


Here we go!! ^_^

First look. I was happy to see that the eco-friendly nature of the company held true in packaging. Maybe it’s just me, but I really hate when eco-friendly items arrive in the most eco-UNfriendly packaging!! UGH! I was happy to see the packaging was pretty and green, and pink! Plus, there was still a good bit of mystery upon opening!!! ⊙▂⊙


What’s in the box?

I love having the list of goodies!! I don’t read it until after I’ve unwrapped everything though. It’s kinda like getting a gift. Do you read the card before or after you get a present?? 。◕‿◕。


Still going…

The info on the things in the box and deals you get as a subscriber:



Let’s explore the products, shall we?! ʘ‿ʘ


This shampoo from Hugo Naturals smells lovely! Hubs said it smells like a Creamsicle to him. Yummmmmm!! A full-size 12 oz. bottle is $9.99.

7th Heaven mask!!

7th Heaven mask!!

I’m a fan of face masks, which is why the package holder is ripped up! I was too impatient to see what I got to be bothered with opening it properly! HA! (#/。\#) 7th Heaven Naturals Moroccan Clay Masks are $2.99 each.


Yummy chocolate stuffs! We’ve eaten the Madécasse Pink Pepper and Citrus bar. My son, hubs, and I all gave it a try. What a delicious and unique flavor. (❁´◡`❁) The full-size 2.64 oz. version of this deliciousness retails for $5.99.

The Linwoods Superfoods Ground Flaxseed, Cocoa, Strawberries & Blueberries retails $15.67 for a 12.7 oz. pkg. I haven’t tried this one quite yet.

The Inception (box within a box) surprises…


Inception contents

Inception contents


This sample jar of Lisa Ann skin care Mandarin body butter was absolutely packed FULL!!! This smells so wonderful and makes my skin super soft! I started using it on my sad cuticles! Full-size is 4ozs. and retails $19.00.

LOOK how full!!!

LOOK how full!!!


This White Camellia Hydrating Bath Bar smells so delicate. The pure white makes it look delicate too! PLUS… Aubrey Organics is based in TAMPA, FLORIDA!!!!!!!!! Hometown beauty! YEAH! (*^ω^)人(^ω^*)A 4oz. Vegan bar retails for $5.95.

Kinda weird that I had to find out about my hometown organic beauty option from an out of state business. Glad to know about them now though!!! Yay Eco-Emi!!!! Connecting the FL peeps! LOL


Gorgeous Pink Gold loose eyeshadow!!!!!!!!!

The little red paper wrapped item was a loose mineral Pink Gold eye shadow from The All Natural Face. A 5 gram jar retails for $3.50, a 10 gram is $6.50 or you can get a sample for 35 cents!!! If you aren’t familiar with Indie beauty or loose shadow sizes, a 5 gram lasts me forever… tons of uses in there. I don’t even know how many because I’ve never finished a shadow yet. I have way too many. (perhaps this is a research project….hmm)


Gorgeous sparkles!!!! I haven’t worn this one yet, but I will be soon!!!! The clamshell was quite full on this one, which is nice. I wear a lot of Indie eye shadows and the texture of this one was a bit different. I’ll get back to you on the wear… So pretty though ^_^


Here’s the thin, wrapped up item!!! Wine Country Organics Lip Tint in Pinot!!! This beauty retails at $7, which is a pretty great price!


IT ALSO SPARKLES!!!!! I love this color so much! It’s a nice sheer lip tint with loads of gorgeous sparkles! My mom wanted this one, haha! I gave her a little sample off mine since she has bad allergies. But man, if this one doesn’t bother her I’ll have a small thing I can buy her to add to her Mother’s Day gift! This makes my lips incredibly soft, and no greasy feel. Great lippie to use for a “better than my lips” color. (* ̄з ̄)


See all the sparkly bits in there?! *dies*


Tea time!! Time to relax and get your pretty on!!!! I’ve been drinking various Yogi Teas for years! I’ve actually used these both for quite some time. I can say with certainty that these are delicious and calming teas!! I’m kinda a tea freak, no coffee here due to reflux. I can talk herbal teas with you all day long if you want…. LOL The teas retail $4.99 for a 16 count box. Tons of varieties (or varie-teas?! hahaha)  (#´ー´)旦

I feel like this box was a nice mix of things. It had products to care for your beauty from inside and outside, which was a nice touch!

eco-emi_january_box_products_the bottom

And that’s the end!  Even pretty stuff in the bottom! And eco-friendly packaging! I will definitely be reusing those cute little hearts in some way too!

All in all, this is a great box in my opinion. I love being able to try a nice assortment of products! I bet you’re thinking this is a pricey box now that I’ve showed you all of the awesomeness it contains… WRONG! The program is $15/month and ships free!!!!!!! The program is currently US only, but there is an International Waiting list avail.

From the Eco Emi site:

“Welcome International Eco Emi Members!

International Boxes are not currently available. Please email and enter “International Waitlist” in the subject line. Thank you for your patience.”

Eco-Emi "The best way to go green"

Eco-Emi “The best way to go green”

The logo above will direct you to the site for more info. (not a referral link, just there for your convenience!)

Eco-Emi Facebook

Eco-Emi Twitter

Eco-Emi Pinterest

we borrow the earth from our children

Join Recyclebank!! *referral link*

What’cha think? Great deal, huh? Let me know if you subscribe and what your thoughts are!! I’d love to hear it. p(*^-^*)q

I really tried not to preach, go easy on me. (wife of ecologist, mother of 2-sorry!!!)


Products provided for review. Opinion is my own and unbiased. Click button for more info on disclosure.

Products provided for review. Opinion is my own and unbiased. Click button for more info on disclosure.

Do I ramble on or WHAT?! Sheesh. Thanks for reading (if you got this far!!!)

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