Londontown Lakur

You could slather your nails with pretty looking chemicals and hope for the best. OR,

you could try some Londontown Lakur.


Lakur. As in “cure”. Londontown’s products aren’t just pretty, they’re healing your nails while looking good! Really? Really!!!

Londontown Lakur products are 5-free. Meaning there’s no:
Formaldehyde; Formaldehyde Resin; DBP; Toulene; and Camphor. They’re also Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Gluten-Free!!!


L-R: Nail Hardener; Protective Top Coat; Chelsea Porcelain; Thames From the Eye


Are they pretty though? YESSSSSS!!


Chelsea Porcelain (L) and Thames From the Eye (R)

 Chelsea Porcelain is a beautiful and opaque white. In the picture, Chelsea Porcelain doesn’t appear to be a super bright white. It is still a very pretty white, leaning a tiny bit toward a more porcelain color in the bottle. 


It glides on super smooth. I have several white polishes. None of them would be considered high end. All the ones I have currently are either too sheer, too streaky, too rubbery, or don’t self-level. I love using white polish since it is such a clean look. Brushstrokes and clumpy polish isn’t a good look though. I was a little annoyed at my white polish stash when white polish kept showing up on the summer trend lists.

I’m VERY happy to report that this white was issue free during application!!!


The only concern was my nail polish application technique…. HAHAHA


I love that the box font is the same color as the polishes!!!!

Thames From the Eye is another stunner. This beauty is part of the 2013 Spring/Summer Collection.


Both Lakurs had amazing shine. I couldn’t stop looking at my nails.

Thames From the Eye is a soft sea-foamy, turqoise-ish, blue-green color. My best friend came by while I had these on my coffee table and she immediately had to put this one on. She was compelled!! I’ve been wearing Thames From the Eye for about 4 days now and I plan on making this one a regular. It’s very soothing to me. I didn’t even want to do an accent nail or glitter top coat on this one. I’m loving it as is.


When I first received these beauties, I immediately applied Chelsea Porcelain. Since I was so hasty (and had to cook dinner before my nails could dry). I smudged a few nails. And didn’t have time to fix it that day. Or the next…. I know I should be ashamed. Should. But not so much. When I was able to take time to fix my nails, I was pleasantly surprised after removing the lakur. I use a good base coat typically, but still get some peeling and yellowing on my nails. I feel (or felt) as though this was just part of the polish experience so never really worried about it. When I took off the Lakur….


Naked nails. Completely naked. And shocking…

There was no new yellowing AND my nails had a tiny bit of peeling. Which I don’t think that I had buffed them prior to applying the Lakur, but am not 100%. Usually there’s significant peeling all over my tips. All of them. And my nails felt stronger. Perhaps it is all in my head, but I don’t think so.

These polishes have amazing ingredients!

(From the Londontown website)

 Key Ingredients:

  • Rapeseed Flower Oil – heals brittle and cracked nails, while providing a heightened level of hydration to prevent nails from splitting.

  • Evening Primrose Oil – prevents nails from cracking but also nourishes and helps keep nails healthy.

  • Cucumber Extract – the high silica content of cucumber helps to prevent the splitting and spoiling of nails.

  • Chamomile Extract – cures brittle nails and increases strength of nails.

  • Azulene and bisabolol – active substances that enhance the healing process, strengthen the nail plastics, and eliminate dryness and flaking. Garlic Extract – strengthens and hardens weak, brittle nails Vegetable Protein Keratin – promotes natural healthy nail strength and integrity. Calcium – increases the thickness and strength of nails.

  • Vitamin A – helps absorb and process protein efficiently.

  • Vitamin E – increases blood circulation for nail growth; aids in the formation of red blood cells which helps maintain oil balance in the nails.

  • Biotin (Vitamin B7) – promotes cell growth and nail strength.

  • Iron – deficiency of iron causes brittle nails; Iron helps to strengthen the nail bed.

I was and am completely impressed!! 

Once I was able to properly paint my nails and both the base and top coats along with the Lakur, my nails lasted 4+ days. I ended up breaking a few nails so I can’t really know for sure how much longer they’d last. I’m very rough on my nails. In comparison on durability, most other polishes last half that time.

Londontown Kur Nail Hardener

Londontown Kur Nail Hardener



This top coat makes your nails shine like glass! It’s super shiny and loaded with good stuff for your nails!!!! It’s like a beautiful, vitamin-packed force-field for your nails!

The Londontown products are actually intended to be used as a 5 part process, including the gorgeous Lakurs. The Lakur is formulated to adhere to the kur hardener. It forms a molecular bond that gives you stronger nails and longer lasting color.

LONDONTOWN’s kur Nail Treatment System is truly a breakthrough in the quest to improve nail growth and health!

  • The Nail Hardener and Protective Top Coat work together to thicken the layers of keratin in the nail.
  • The Nourishing Cuticle Oil hydrates the cuticle and nail root.
  • The Restorative Nail Cream replenishes the nail to fortify damaged, weak and peeling nails.
  • The “acetone-free” Strengthening Lacquer Remover cleanses the nail plate without drying out or damaging the nail.

After seeing the results from just using 3 of the steps, I’m a believer. I’m going to be checking out the rest of the system soon!

gratuitous cat pic

gratuitous cat pic

The cats were being soooooo nosy while I was getting everything sorted.

another kitty!!!

another kitty!!!

You can purchase the products from the Londontown Shoppe here. The Lakur:Enhanced Color runs $22 retail for a 12ml bottle (0.4 fl oz) bottle. Yes, it is on the pricier end. Is it worth it? YES! I believe it is. I am REALLY REALLY impressed with how great my nails feel now. There are currently 2 collections available: Classic Colors 2013 and the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. There will be a Fall Collection coming in September too!!!

The Kur treatment products can be purchased in the Shoppe too. The system is $125 which includes the Restorative Nail Cream, Nail Hardener, Protective Top Coat, Nourishing Cuticle Oil, and Strengthening Lacquer Remover. The full system also comes with moisturizing gloves!! It saves you a few dollars ($3) to buy it together. It looks like it comes in a really pretty box too.

Londontown is also running a giveaway on their Facebook page until July 24th. Enter here!!

You can also check out Londontown on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and their blog.

If you try them out, I’d love to hear about your experience!!

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  4. Amber says:

    That is hands down the prettiest white shade I have seen. I NEED it lol!! I love the mint too. They look like gorgeous formulas!!
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    • The formulas are AMAZING!
      Best white I’ve ever used, hands down!!!
      The lakur itself has a great formula and when you use the topcoat it makes it extra glossy and super gorgeous.
      I HIGHLY recommend Londontown’s products.
      I’ve been using the hardener and topcoat with some of my other polishes too and am really loving the combo!!!!

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