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Hi beauties!!! I have some amazing new eyeshadows to show you from Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics! I have the Scary Tale Collection for you to drool over! The colors in this collection are super drool-worthy!! Put your bibs on…. and SCROLL!

L-R: Gretel's Ghost; Lycan's Revenge; Cin's Sins; Savage; and Snow Queen's Return;

L-R: Gretel’s Ghost; Lycan’s Revenge; Cin’s Sins; Savage; and Snow Queen’s Return

Gretel’s Ghost is one of the most gorgeous browns I have ever seen!! This is a deep brown loaded with golden and red sparkle. The NM website calls is a “gingerbread brown” which I think is pretty accurate and clever! ^_^ I’m not a fan of brown but I feel compelled to buy a full size of this beauty. You will be seeing this gorgeous color on my lids for some time to come!!!!

Lycan’s Revenge is a deep crimson red with yummy golden sparkle. This is one deep red and it looks amazing paired with Gretel’s Ghost. Another gorgeous red shadow from Notoriously Morbid! I am a real fan of red eyeshadow personally. This is a fave of mine now. I suppose I’m like Red Riding Hood when I wear this shadow in that I have hooded lids!!!! Hahahahaha…er, not funny? I think it kinda is. A Little bit. (someone stop me, yikes!)

Cin’s Sins. This is a bright blue, worthy of a ball gown. But so much better on your lids! This beauty also has some sassy silver sparkle in there to add some glamour to your bold blue lids. There’s also a touch of purple shift in this beauty, so pretty!!!

Savage is a stunning orange that looks a bit coppery to me. This color sort of reminds me of the insides of a nice deep acorn squash, don’t eat the sparkly awesomeness!!!!!!! There is a healthy amount of multicolored sparkles too!

Snow Queen’s Return might be my fave out of this collection. What a complicated beauty this one is. The base color is white. There are so many sparkles in this, the color you actually see shifts between purply-pink, blue, and purple.

L-R: Snow's Fury; Spiteful Jas; Belle's Bounty

L-R: Snow’s Fury; Spiteful Jas; Belle’s Bounty


Snow’s Fury is a deep blue, almost cobalt that has blue sparkle throughout. It has a metallic texture to it. Snow’s Fury applies really well and stays nice and bright while wearing.

Spiteful Jas is a super gorgeous emerald green! I love the rich  jewel-tone green of this shadow! This pretty also has some gorgeous gold sparkle to complement the deep emerald shade. The picture doesn’t do justice to the deep and rich color Spiteful Jas has for you! This color is another of my favorites from the collection, it’s so gorgeous!!! You neeeed it, really!

Belle’s Bounty. Another stunner, Belle’s Bounty is a deep metallic gold shade loaded with sparkle. To me, the color does have a slight bit of red shift. It also reminds me a little of Belle’s ball gown in the Beauty and the Beast Disney film. Just a little since the eyeshadow is much prettier. This one also has a metallic texture to it and applies so nicely. Another yellow that won my heart….

All in all, I’m loving the collection! These colors are currently $5.50 for a full 5 gram jar.

Something I really love about Notoriously Morbid is how much love the owner puts into her pretties and the thought behind the collections. If you have time, you seriously need to go read the product descriptions!

So, I have been wearing these colors as much as possible. I have to admit that I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately. I am wearing these pretties as much as possible! I have a few looks to show you…..

Wearing Belle's Bounty, Lycan's Revenge, and Gretel's Ghost

Wearing Belle’s Bounty, Lycan’s Revenge, and Gretel’s Ghost


Wearing Belle’s Bounty, Snow’s Fury, and Savage

Notoriously Morbid recently released Coffin Kissers (lip balms) and Ripper’s Rouge (blushes)!!! Keep the awesome going!

If you are thinking about trying NM out, make sure you take a peek at the Free Day Friday specials on the Facebook page!

What’s your fave?

Samples provided for honest review. Click for disclosure.
















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  1. serenitynz says:

    Beautiful swatches! Isn’t Snow Queen’s Return amazing? I picked up a full size and I’m so glad I did, I’ve been looking for a color like that for a long time. I’ve ordered the new blushes and can’t wait to try them!
    serenitynz recently posted…Notoriously Morbid – Halloween Collection Sneak Peek (Swatches!)My Profile

    • I adore Snow Queen! There’s really not a color in this collection I don’t love.
      I can’t wait to also try the blushes!
      I’d love to see a review if you do one ^_^

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