The Makeup Show Orlando 2013

the makeup show orlando

*Attended with press pass. Click for disclosure.

Hi everyone!!!! I have some great things to show you! I went to The Makeup Show Orlando over the weekend and am very excited to share the amazing time I had with you!

If you haven’t heard of The Makeup Show before now, get ready to add to your Bucket List….. seriously! The Makeup Show is an event that brings makeup artists. educators, product manufacturers, and other industry folks together. There are hands on workshops, keynote semiars, demonstrations, competitions, and tons of products. PLUS, you get to meet up with professionals who love makeup as much as you do!!! This is an amazing frenzy of education, inspiration, and ability to see products showcased by the companies who bring them to you!! It really is unlike anything I’ve ever been to!

So what’s the show like?! This year I went solo. I attended some keynotes, and on the floor seminars. I wandered the floor oogling tons of new products by companies I was familiar with and learned all about new companies. I was lucky to have also met up with a few fellow Beauty Bloggers (Alexis and Christa)! I also got a little Fan Girl-esque when I got to meet the Queen of Blending and Elessa Jade from Pursebuzz!!! (I’m still dead from overload!)

I’m going to try to hold down on the chatter since this is going to be a very long post due to pictures. And pictures are worth 1,000 words, so I will shut up. Or try to….


One of the first booths I walked by was Crystal Wright’s!!! She was having a great time clearly! (recognize anyone else?!)


I was lucky to catch a keynote by Sharon Gault “Mama Makeup”. She talked about her career over the years, and did a look on a model. While she was doing makeup, she answered questions about her career, life, and products. James Vincent interviewed her and Lijah Stewart from MUFE was there too! Talk about a lot of awesome in one room.


Someone asked Ms. Gault how she stays inspired. She said “Keep childlike innocence and find beauty all around you.” I think the message is simple, I know I overlook things personally. I actually saved her words in my phone to use as a reminder to myself.


Ms. Sharon Gault’s finished work. Yeah, my camera failed to capture the simple, yet stunning beauty of her work. Hopefully you can imagine the full awesomeness.



Amazing work by the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry!!


I walked by this Graftobian artist at work, then caught the model all finished later.


I stopped by Zpalette, they were pretty packed the majority of the day! I was lucky to catch them between crowds. If you don’t have a Zpalette yet, you really need to take the plunge!


I stopped by Nars and drooled at the new Eye Paints. This booth was also hoppin!


Naked Cosmetics was getting into showcasing their pretties!


The products at Nurturing Force sound really amazing! The couple at the booth were super sweet!!!


These gorgeous ladies were all smiles at Senna Cosmetics!


I loved talking to Serenity+Scott. The gentleman behind the counter was super friendly and very adorbs. My picture of him didn’t come out well or else I’d show you… (;_・)


Glittery and bright goodies at Magnolia Makeup.


Loladé Cosmetics was very busy too. I couldn’t even get close to the products.


Gleam by Melanie Mills had their products on painting palettes. It looked really gorgeous presented like this.


Cao Cosmetics had a lot of activity. Lots of beautiful hair and makeup looks being worked on!!!


The cosmetics looked so gorgeous at Cao!!!


Cailyn’s booth was droolworthy!! Everything was so easy to get to!


The girls at Graftobian were busy….

the_makeup_show_orlando_kett_cosmetics_tms_orlando_peabody_hotel 048Kett Cosmetics was one of my favorite places to stop. The booth was so organized, the artist behind the counter was extremely friendly. She also had PERFECT skin!! She was so gorgeous and helpful. I bought some FIXX Creme makeup (foundation) from Kett after I got color matched.


SERIOUSLY, look at her skin!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!


There was also some serious work going on at the Kett booth. I think this was my favorite work done by any of the vendors!!!

the_makeup_show_orlando_mehron_makeup_tms_orlando_peabody_hotel 094

Amazing work at Mehron too!


I caught James Vincent by the Make Up Forever Academy booth chatting with the artist at work! I walked by later and was lucky to catch the model just getting up.


Here’s some of the Face Charts done for the Competitors in the Face to Face Competition.


I caught the judging on the second look of the day for the competition. All the competing artists were challenged to create a look using ONLY foundation and OCC Liptars. I caught Sahily from Pretty in Pigment after judging. Sahily is a professional makeup artist and beauty/fashion blogger from South Florida. If you don’t read her blog, you should!

This look was so fierce! The team even managed to create a costume of sorts from a trashbag! I loved this so much!!

All in all, this was a great day!! Sadly, I was not able to attend both days. I plan on going to both days next year AND having a much bigger budget!!!!

Dates are already planned for LA, NYC, and Chicago! If you live remotely close, I recommend you get to the shows. Hope to see you at the next one! ^_^

Check out the list of The Makeup Show Orlando exhibitors here.

Reviews on what I purchased will be coming!!!!


Attended as press. Click for disclosure policy.

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