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Hi beauty lovers!

Abbamart **Affiliate link**

Abbamart **Affiliate link**

I have some great new items to show you from Abbamart!!! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted about Abbamart goodies. I guess I’ve just been too busy wearing them to remember to tell you about how much I love what I have!!!! I haven’t been disappointed by a single product I’ve received from Abbamart, paid or sent for review. Seriously great stuff! Today I have the newest Eyes On Me Eyeshadow in Romantic Love and Let’s Draw Waterproof Color Pencil eyeliner in Burgundy Brown.



I love all things Burgundy. I am excited that fall is finally here so I can break out my darker and richer colors. ^_^ Even though it’s still sweltering here, I’m wearing my fall colors with pride!


Belleme Cosmetics Let’s Draw Waterproof Colored Pencil in Burgundy Brown **affiliate link**

I am obsessed with this Burgundy Brown eyeliner. OBSESSED! I have worn it pretty much every day since it arrived. This is a rich brown. I want to say it’s almost a mahogany color so I can go all Effie Trinket “THAT is *MAHOGANY*!!!” on you. But, it is definitely a rich burgundy brown. The color name is true, this is a burgundy brown… you can call it mahogany if you want. I’m just getting anxious for the Hunger Games, obviously.

Anyway, I love all the Belleme eyeliner pencils I currently own. I need to show you the others…. I will soon. These pencils are silky smooth to apply, they are pigmented, and the best of all is they do not budge on my eyes allllll day! I prefer them as an inexpensive alternative to more expensive all day (ya know… 24 hr, 7 day pencils *wink*) eyeliners. I’m collecting the Belleme colors, right now there’s 14 colors available! I have many more to go. These pencils come off easily with a good makeup remover, but no running or smudging once they’re set!!! The pencil housing is a nice study plastic too, which I love. NOTE: when your pencil wears down, you sharpen it like normal pencils. It kinda looks like the bottom would twist up, but it doesn’t. Since it’s plastic, it feels weird to sharpen it…but you do. Just in case you were unsure like me…. hahaha


Belleme Cosmetics Eyes on Me Eyeshadow in Romantic Love **affiliate link**

Romantic Love is a gorgeous rose-colored copper. This is a gorgeous shimmery color that is very satin-smooth. This is definitely my new favorite Belleme eyeshadow. The texture is smooth and no fallout at all. It blends like a dream, doesn’t fade, and looks great! I wore this color the other day with Belleme Cream Eyeshadow in Creamy Vanilla and used my Burgundy Brown eyeliner. To me, it felt like a Pumpkin Spice eye look. #pumpkinspiceallthethings !!!!!!

Here’s the look

Wearing my Abbamart goodies!!

Wearing my Abbamart goodies!!

I used Creamy Vanilla Cream Shadow on my lids then Romantic Love in the crease and above. The liner is the lovely Burgundy Brown pencil. I used a Milani gloss on my lips, not sure which one since the name wore off.

If you use my Abbamart link, you get 10% off your purchase. There’s always great stuff in the sale bin, some of it is $1 so make sure you check that out when you buy something. Shipping is always lightning fast. Abbamart remains one of my VERY favorite shops since they have such awesome customer service and great high quality products for low prices. PLUS, the products are cruelty-free. The packaging doesn’t really tell you that, but I have verified with Abbamart personally that they are indeed cruelty free!!!!!

If you haven’t shopped with Abbamart yet, you are truly missing out. I don’t know what you are waiting for really…. If they weren’t good, I wouldn’t bother recommending them. I have been a customer for almost 2 years now. I love Abbamart!!! <3

Here’s my discount link again, just in case. If you use any of the above links, you will also be able to get your 10% off.

Abbamart **Affiliate link**

Abbamart **Affiliate link**

If you shop with Abbamart too, I’d love to hear what your favorite product is. I’m always looking for suggestions. I feel like I will eventually own all the products they offer. I kinda have it as a goal… lol.

See you soon lovelies!

Samples provided for honest review.

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