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My hair saga continues! I am not a hair professional, just someone who likes to experiment. What works (or doesn’t work) for me may not be the same results for you. I do my own hair out of curiosity and if I mess it up, I don’t care.

Post bleach, pre-permanent dye from AGEbeautiful

Post bleach, pre-permanent dye from AGEbeautiful


The saga backstory:

Almost 2 years ago I became obsessed with having hair like Silvermist from the Disney Fairies. Silvermist is a water talent fairy, that has beautiful blue black hair. The Silvermist doll has black hair with small streaks of dark blue running throughout her hair. My hair is very dark brown, and coarse textured. My hair is (was!) really non-porous so it never wants to hold a curl (which really killed me when perms were “in”) and is resistant to hair color and/or bleach. Plus it has a strong red undertone when you bleach it, hello brass!

I tried my old standby, food coloring mixed up as egg dye. It did nothing. I used a knock off demi permanent blue on my hair and it didn’t show. I decided to bleach parts of my hair. Since my hair did not want to bleach easily, I ended up having to use high volume developer and multiple bleach sessions. This became a hassle and ended up taking a toll on my hair. I had to stop before I lost all my hair to bleach! I let my hair grow out and get stronger for several months before even thinking about putting anything in it!!

I was at Sally Beauty with my mom and my daughter. I color my mom’s hair for her, we were picking up her regular color. My daughter saw the AGEbeautiful swatch for 3V, Darkest Plum Brown and told me I needed to use this color. I turned around and saw it and knew my daughter had great color sense! I wanted to try this color, but was hesitant since I had 2-tone hair. I wrote to AGEbeautiful for some color advice. I was lucky enough to get a personal recommendation!!! It was suggested to me that I use 40 volume on the light parts of my hair and add a little of the AGEbeautiful Medium Red 5R to the Darkest Plum Brown to ensure I got my lighter hair back up to the level of the rest.

I dyed my hair exactly as it was suggested. And what happened?


Freshly dyed!

Freshly dyed! Still a bit wet here…

I fell in love with my hair!!! I love how it turned out!!! I put a little bit more red than was suggested….purposely. After I dyed my hair, it felt soft! My hair was shiny and easy to brush! You wouldn’t even know I had just dyed it by the way it felt! My gray was covered up nicely too.

Just over a month after having the haircolor, I noticed that it started to fade. Not too much, but not as vibrant as it was. I didn’t need to hide grays yet though. I decided to wait longer to redo my hair. I opted for a semi-permanent color to get me longer before I need to use the AGEbeautiful again.

About 5-6 weeks after using AGEbeautiful

About 5-6 weeks after using AGEbeautiful

The pretty red faded out of my hair a little. You could still see reddish plum color in the sun.My hair is shiny and healthy even after using the AGEbeautiful permanent haircolor.

I had been thinking about using a permanent haircolor for a while before I (well, my daughter) found the AGEbeautiful line. I really hate how boxed haircolor makes my hair feel. Plus, I rarely get the color that the box says I’ll get. The thing that drew me in to AGEbeautiful, besides the gorgeous color, was the information on the website.

What makes AGEbeautiful anti-aging haircolor different than all the other color brands in the market?

AGEbeautiful anti-aging haircolor is the first permanent color developed to fight all 5 signs of aging hair. It’s also the first color with Melanin, Keratin Peptide & a patented conditioning technology with Silk Protein to replenish hair with the essential components that are lost with aging.

What are the 5 signs of aging hair?

Sign of Aging Hair AGEbeautiful Haircolor Results
1.  thinning instantly fuller and thicker hair
2.  wiry gray dramatically softer, more manageable hair
3.  turning gray 100% gray coverage for up to 8 weeks
4.  dryness significantly more conditioned hair
5.  dullness visibly more radiant, shiny hair

I’m not sure about how my hair benefited in the thickening area. My hair isn’t thin and it would be hard to notice a difference there. I did see definite shine, my hair did feel soft, my gray was covered. I’m not sure if the gray hairs changed texture because I can’t see them now to know which is gray or not. I suppose that should be an indicator….

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how my hair turned out. I wish the red/plum color had stayed more vibrant, but that’s an easy fix!! If Darkest Plum Brown is not your color, there are 43 more colors to choose from in the liquid permanent line. The liqui-creme line has 45 shades total.

You can purchase AGEbeautiful from Sally Beauty Supply. AGEbeautiful is a line by Zotos Professional. They have several other lines. I will be posting about Bioterra Ultra Color Care 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner soon. 

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6 Responses to AGEbeautiful haircolor

  1. Mona C. says:

    I love Age Beautiful. I’ve been using it since the brand launched, and use the 5R. I color mine every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast it grows, and color it all every time without any issue. Age Beautiful makes a serum too, and it does wonders for coarse hair, especially the gray ones. ;). I don’t think Sally’s carries it anymore, but Amazon does, and their deep conditioner works well too. I’m interested in what ratio they advised you to mix the two colors.

    • Hi Mona! Since my hair was 2 tone I needed to use a stronger developer plus a little of the 3R on the lightest parts of my hair. I was advised to use “a drop” of the 3R in the mix for my lighter hair. I was pretty liberal with the 3R!!
      I am hoping to go about 12+ weeks between permanent color. It’s just a personal preference. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft my hair felt after using the haircolor!
      I am going to look for the serum you mentioned. And the deep conditioner too!
      Thanks for the info!!! ^_^

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