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Do you know what’s in your skincare? What if I told you it could be toxic!


Be Natural Organics is a US skincare company that is on a mission to educate consumers on toxin-free skincare and providing high quality, reasonably priced solutions. The company is based in Michigan and is owned by a licensed esthetician with over 30 years of experience. Be Natural Organics offers a diverse line of toxin free, natural, and organic products. What I find particularly great is the fact that the products are affordable and you are able to purchase samples of many products so you can test drive the product before committing to a full-size!!

I have a few different items to show you.


Be Natural Organics Shimmer Illuminating Dry Oil, Anti-Aging Collection Trial Pack, Pomegranate Facial Scrub, Mother of Pearl Face Scrub, BHA Serum, and Organic Sunscreen

 The Anti-Aging Collection Trial Pack contains:

Retail is $10 for this kit!!! There is enough product in this kit to get a few weeks use out of the system. This is definitely a great way to get to know what Be Natural Organics offers. The full size Anti-Aging collection is $79 and it includes a CoQ10 Eye Protection Creme too.



Right-in sunlight Left-inside, with flash

Be Natural Organics Shimmer Illuminating Dry Oil is a great way to get a healthy glow with your softened skin. This oil is packed with gorgeous golden shimmer. It’s easy to keep the shimmer at a reasonable level without looking like a glitter bomb casualty! You can build it up if you love sparkles like I do! I have been using this on my arms and it helps make up for my lack of sun in over the winter. I use a little dab as a cheek highlight too and love the way it looks!! Pictured is a sample size. The full-size Shimmer Oil is $22 for 60ml. A little bit really goes a long way with this too!!!


BHA Serum I am blessed with oily skin, yay! Since I started using the BHA Serum, I am no longer an oil slick by the afternoon. The oil still comes back, but it is significantly less than before and the oil doesn’t rear its greasy head until much later in the day!!! This serum is soothing to your skin. It has Aloe and Aspen Bark in it to soothe your skin. There is also Salicylic Acid in it to control your oil and help cleanse your pores. This is another product that does not require a lot to be effective. A sample size is $3 for 4ml, definitely worth a try if you have oily skin, or acne! The full-size is $26 for 30ml.


Organic Sunscreen This is the first organic sunscreen I have ever tried. I am somewhat picky about sunscreen because I hate feeling greasy and loaded down with product. Sunscreen is a definite must have here in Florida where you can get burnt walking to your mailbox… This sunscreen is very light feeling while you wear it. It is also not greasy, I am very happy to say! The sunscreen comes in 3 options, Tan, Nude, and Tint Free. Both worked well on my skintone. The Tan is a tiny bit darker than my skin, but it doesn’t look like I used a fake tanner, score! I’m sure by the end on the summer the Tan will be lighter than my skin, despite my constant slathering on sunblock! I really like the fact that this Sunscreen is Ocean Friendly. The less we bring into the water that does not belong there, the better!!! Since this is a lot lighter than normal sunscreen it would be great to use as a moisturizer or just under your foundation. I did not get any flashback when I took a picture of myself either! Sample size is 1 oz and runs $8. The full-size is $22 for 8 oz.

The last 2 products are my favorites. Not that I don’t really love the other products (I definitely DO!), but these are definitely going to be a staple in my routine.


If only the screen was scratch and sniff!!! This smells DIVINE! ^_^

Pomegranate Facial Scrub I love pomegranate scented or flavored products a LOT! This scrub smells like a roll of Sweet Tarts mixed with pomegranate. I love smelling this scrub. This is a creamy and soft scrub. It is not hard on your skin at all and can be used daily. My skin feels very clean but not dried out after using this scrub.  When I use this scrub, I leave it on for a few extra seconds, just to smell it longer. If you try this, you’ll see what I mean!!! LOVE IT! A sample is $3, that gets you 6ml of scent heaven! Full-size is $18 for 60ml!!!


Mother of Pearl Face Scrub Lastly is a scrub that makes me wish I hadn’t wasted years of my life on drugstore Apricot scrubs. This scrub actually removes dead skin and makes my skin feel really, REALLY clean after use. Since this is an effective scrub, it is recommended for maximum twice a week use. I have been using it once a week and that’s enough for me. My skin has been glowy after using this scrub regularly. I really feel like the dead skin has no chance to hang around. A sample is $3 for 6ml. The full-size is 60ml for $18.

Every time I use an exfoliation product, this is all I can think of…Exfoliate!! (click if you dare)

Our skin absorbs the products we put on it. I try to keep the products I use as natural as possible!! I really started paying attention to ingredients in beauty products in the last few years. My mum has a lot of allergies and a lot of the things she is allergic to are very common ingredients!!! Label reading can really make you think. I am very impressed with the products I’ve tried from Be Natural Organics. I plan on trying some additional samples just in case there’s a product that works better for my skin. These work great, but it can’t hurt to play the (skincare) field!!! You can peruse the samples here.

Be Natural Organics is Cruelty-free, offers Vegan and Certified Organic products, they are Eco-Friendly and source sustainably harvested ingredients, and they use recycled paper/soy ink/recycled materials as much as possible. Just in case you needed more reasons to try this great company out!!!

Connect with Be Natural Organics on Facebook  Twitter  Instagram!! You can learn more about the ingredients in their lovely products here.

Are you planning on trying out some of these amazing products? Do you have a recommendation for me? I’m all ears! Tell me! ^_^

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