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I would say that I am a notoriously random person. That being said, I have some (stunning) random Notoriously Morbid eyeshadow pics to show you!! Now that the sun stays up after work I’ve had more time to swatch the pretties. I purchased some Notoriously Morbid semi-recently and thought I’d share the swatchporn. No sense in me drooling over these all alone, right?

L-R: Row 1-Phoenix_Flames_Jupiter_Rain_Stripper_Zombie_Cry_Innocent_Boe_Pornographic__Priestess_Shadow_of_Things_Hello_Sweetie_Nudist_Kompanion_No_9_Noble_Crimson_Horror__Hesitant_Heroine

L-R: Row 1-Phoenix Flames; Jupiter Rain; Stripper Zombie; Cry Innocent; Boe; Pornographic Priestess. Row 2-Shadow of Things; Goodbye Sweetie; Nudist; Kompanion No. 9; Noble; Crimson Horror; Hesitant Heroine.

These are from several different collections. These have all made numerous appearances on my lids. I love them all! Hesitant Heroine is the newest release out of these. HH is part of the Slay Me matte collection! One of my very favorite collections is the Lost in the Lodge!

L-R: Douglas Firs; Sometimes My Arms Bend Back; My Log Saw Something that Night; She's Full of Secrets

L-R: Douglas Firs; Sometimes My Arms Bend Back; My Log Saw Something that Night; She’s Full of Secrets

When I wear these colors, I end up daydreaming about Dale Cooper all day!!! I love Kyle MacLachlan, no matter what show he’s on! I really wish Netflix had picked up Twin Peaks like the internet rumors alleged. I really need to know if Annie is indeed ok!!! So many cliffhangers, ugh! I’d really love to hear the tapes Dale sent to Diane too. I could go on and on and on about Twin Peaks, but I will stop here.  Back to the pretties! I love the colors from this collection. I am missing a few and I will be fixing that problem verrrrrry soon!

I have some assorted looks for you too. You may have seen some of these on my Instagram already. I usually post my iPhone pics on Instagram but I do take photos with a proper camera too for the blog.


Wearing Lioncourt (d/c)l War (also d/c); and Crimson Horror, NOT d/c!

Sorry about using the discontinued (d/c) colors! I can’t punish them for no longer being available. They still deserve love.


Wearing Douglas Firs; My Log Saw Something That Night; and Goodbye Sweetie.

Douglas Firs is an insanely beautiful green! I really love using it with Goodbye Sweetie. The gold in Goodbye Sweetie really looks nice with Douglas Firs!

Wearing Phoenix Flames; Noble; Pale Rider (discontinued); and Goodbye Sweetie

Wearing Phoenix Flames; Noble; Pale Rider (discontinued); and Goodbye Sweetie

Another d/c color, sorry. Pale Rider is a matte from the Sealed Judgement collection. I’m hoping this collection comes back again one day… There were 4 beautiful mattes in the collection and it was based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The themes of Notoriously Morbid are all so fun and Carrie, the owner, presents them in a unique spin. I love that about NM!

You can find Notoriously Morbid on their website; Etsy; Store Envy; Facebook; and Instagram and Twitter. A big announcement was made today too! Check out the Facebook post!

Some products provided for honest review.Click for disclosure.

Click for disclosure

Some products purchased by me. Click for disclosure

What is your favorite Notoriously Morbid color? 

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