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I really love beauty boxes! There are boxes for practically everything these days. The Wantable beauty box is one of my absolute favorite boxes in the sea of beauty subscriptions!! Why? Read on….

Wantable_May_2014_Beauty_BoxThis box looks like a disaster waiting on the inside, doesn’t it?! I absolutely hate when my boxes arrive like this. A company we ordered from when I was at a former job would put stamps on our packages that said “triple checked for accuracy”. We decided at that they actually meant “triple KICKED”. This box took some hits! But everything was


PERFECTLY FINE! My pretties were snuggled up in their cozy foam bed and oblivious to the harsh outside world. Yay for Wantable’s great packaging!


What I really love about the Wantable beauty box, is the quality of brands and products they offer. An individual box is $40, including shipping. The box I received definitely was a great deal!




I got 4 full-sized high end products in my box. One of the products was from a company I adore, Ofra Cosmetics!!!!

$28 for Tarina Tarantino blush+$22 Vincent Longo brow duo+$14.99 Ofra fixline gel eyeliner+$30 Gleam Body Radiance= $94.99 total retail!!!!

Another great feature of the Wantable box is that you get to customize what you want. As you can see in the picture above, I listed lash product and nail polish as dislikes. I don’t actually dislike them, I just have way too many open mascaras. And more nail polish than I have time for.


I was quite excited to receive the Vincent Longo Bi Brow Powder Pomade. I fill in my brows on a daily basis. I typically use a brown pencil and a matte brown eyeshadow. Occasionally, I might use a little clear mascara if I’m worried about my brows getting too crazy on me. I had never tried a brow pomade, or a brow powder. I just figured a powder is a powder, right? Not exactly. This brow powder ended up being the perfect shade to fill in my brows. Not too dark or light. The pomade… OMG! I am kicking myself for not using pomade sooner! Goodbye forever clear mascara! The pomade holds my brows in place without feeling crispy or looking overly groomed! In love!!!!

Retail $22


Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cream Blush & Pressed Sparklicity duo. Just. WOW.

When I took the Tarina Tarantino compact out of the box I literally gasped! The compact is soooooo adorable!! I obviously need to check out more products from this brand. The blush is a super silky cream to powder texture. This blush blends right into my skin and looks very natural. The color in my box is called Coral Cameo. It is such a pretty coral/peachy pink. The Pressed Sparklicity is a pretty peach powder loaded with micro-glitter. A little of Sparklicity goes a very long way!!!

Retail $28


My box had Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance in Rose Gold. I think this is a very pretty body shimmer. My only issue with this item is that the scent seemed a bit masculine for my liking. The product itself is great! This gives a very subtle but noticeable shimmer to your skin, without making you look like a glitterbomb went off! The shimmer is very fine in the cream. If only this product had a more beachy or feminine scent I would be inclined to wear/love it more!

Retail $30


Ofra Cosmetics is a brand that is starting to get a lot of buzz. I am a huge fan of all of the products that I have of theirs. I was introduced to Ofra Cosmetics at The Makeup Show Orlando a few years back. Everything I’ve tried from Ofra Cosmetics has been a win!I’ve tried eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, lipstick, and skin care. All of which are high quality. The Fixline Eyeliner Gel does not disappoint!!! I really like that this gel is not a hard textured product. This gel is a nice soft gel that goes on smoothly. It stays all day long for me without budging. I’ve been eyeing their brow gel, am this has convinced me that I need to try it!!!

Retail $14.99

The value in this Wantable Beauty Box far exceeded the cost!!! I got 3 brands that I hadn’t tried before and a product from one of my favorite companies that I hadn’t tried.

If Beauty isn’t your thing (which isn’t terribly likely since you are reading my beauty blog), there are Wantable Accessories and Intimates boxes available too!!!

A one time box purchase is $40, if you subscribe it’s $36. Wantable actually lets you cancel too. (unlike some other boxes)

Are you wanting this Wantable box yet? (See what I did there?)

What have you received in your box? What is your favorite beauty subscription? Tell me…

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