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Taste Japan is a delicious subscription box that contains goodies straight from Japan. If you follow my blog or know me in the real world, chances are you know that I have Japanese heritage. I have tried to discover more about the culture of Japan and share the discoveries with my family. We enjoy going to the Japanese or Asian markets in our area. The only thing is, most of what we find is labeled completely in Japanese.

Like this:



Wish I could read this…

The package may make the snack inside look amazing. I have bought lots of products just for the cute wrapped or picture of the contents only to discover how VERY wrong my choice was.

Thanks to the “British guys living in Japan” a snack decoder is available!!!!


I love that there is cultural information included with the details on the goodies!

Here’s what came inside my box.


Taste of Japan subscription box contents

The first item I’ll show you is definitely the most amusing!


Nameko snack, chocolat

The Nameko snacks cracked my husband and I UP! They are supposed to be mushroom shaped… Our minds are obviously corrupted. These tasted great and gave us a really good giggle. The chocolate flavor was definitely there and they weren’t overly sweet. The whole family liked these. You get a sticker too! If you get a cat, you are lucky. We got a cute rainbow “mushroom” eating shaved ice or something. What a nice souvenir.  heehee


Top left-Hime-sama no kietatakara mono (kinda like a Jammie Dodger) Bottom left-Wasabi Nori Right-Juicy Colour Ball

Hime-sama no kietatakara mono: This was claimed by my son. He ended up eating it as a snack on his own and didn’t take a picture. Try having a teen stop themselves to take a picture of food before eating it. Not happening in our home. He liked it, that’s all the info he could muster. Boys

Seaweed in general is not a loved food item in our household. The most I can get away with is throwing a little in with beans to help keep the skins from splitting. My son is adventurous and will at least TRY things. Especially when they’re Wasabi flavored. This Wasabi Nori wasn’t really a hit but I’m glad my guys tried it.

The Coloured fruit balls were a hit since they reminded me of Skittles. Each piece is a little larger than a Skittle. They have a similar texture to Skittles. But not as sweet. I would not call these “gummy” really. Everyone gave approval!


Horadekita DIY Lolly

The DIY Lolly was claimed by my daughter immediately. She liked the package and knew what to do with it thanks to the pictures. The kit had a toothpick, squishy yellow candy that reminded me of circus peanut candy, chocolate dipping sauce and sprinkles. These candies tasted ok. I think my daughter really enjoyed these since she was in charge. Very cute idea!! I also liked that the chocolate sauce is not really sweet.


Mixed Tsunami

The Mixed Tsunami, so many things to say here.

Our family is equally divided on fishy flavor. Half don’t mind it, half can’t stand it. In the spirit of cultural discovery, one of the haters (ME), decided to try these with an open mind. Even though there is a picture of a dried fish on the package. I opened up the bag and was overpowered with a fishy smell. I hesitated due to the odor. Then I decided that the crackers probably wouldn’t be horrific. Three of us all popped a piece of Tsunami in our mouths at the same time, and promptly spit out the item in unison too. Dried fish smell apparently gets into everything in a stored airtight package. I even took the remainder to a coworker who loves seafood, just to be sure. Not a single fan was found for this tsunami mix.


Cabbage Taro

“Sauce” flavored Cabbage Taro. I’m not sure exactly what “sauce” flavor means. These were not a hit. I was interested in these because I love cabbage, sadly not the taste I had imagined. The Cabbage Taro had a texture similar to rice cakes.


Chocolate Marshmallow Daifuku


Marshmallow Daifuku? I like regular daifuku, which is a pounded rice cake (mochi) with assorted filling inside. I wasn’t sure that that a marshmallow version would be good. I also wasn’t clear if the marshmallow would be flavored like strawberry and chocolate or if it would be in the center like a typical daifuku. The marshmallows were filled! I’d love to know how this happens!!! Hubby and I each halved both flavors. Both were equally yummy! I’d like to find these again!

taste_of_japan_box_pocky_berry_carnival IS there anyone that tries Pocky and doesn’t love it?! Not anyone I’ve ever met. I’m not a fan of “berry” flavored food but I love acai. These Berry Carnival Pocky are great and the kids gobbled them up promptly. I was lucky to still have my fingers after trying to get one out of the box!!! I haven’t seen the Berry Carnival Pocky at any of my local stores though. Guess we will just have to stick with the other flavors. Torture indeed. -_^


Suppai Ume Ni Goyoushin Who will be the lucky ones?!

There are 3 pieces of candy in the package, 2 of them are sweet and the oddball is super sour. My son, husband, and myself all popped the candies in ready for a shock. We all thought we got the sour one. Turns out there is a sour coating before the sweet or SUPER sour layer. My hubby got it. The kids and I laughed hysterically for several minutes after witnessing his reaction. I’d really love to find these locally! If I can’t find, I may make some mystery onigiri (rice balls).

The cost of these boxes is £15 currently. Since the Taste Japan box masters are British, you’ll need to pay them in their currency. It works out better for all this way really. I would *not* want to deal with conversion. At the time of writing, USD would be $24.05. Of course conversion rates change all the time. I’m just giving this an a general estimate. The price includes shipping and there are no other charges added on.

Our family enjoyed this box. It was entertaining, educational (kinda) and mostly tasted good. If nothing else, it was a way to hold the kids’ attention. I think they really liked the fact that a box came that I could share with them.

What do you think? Are you a fan of trying new foods?

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Product provided for honest review.Click for disclosure.

PS-If you’d like to actually LEARN Japanese, I know a great place to start!



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