Memebox #29 Scrub Box

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Have you tried Memebox yet? Memebox offers non-subscription beauty boxes which contain curated Korean beauty products. The items inside the various Memeboxes are either full size or deluxe samples. There are so many different types of Memeboxes that there is something for everyone! I will be showing you the Memebox Special #29 Scrub Box and there are some discount codes for you….


As you can see, this was another box packed full of Korean Beauty products! Some products you receive may be deluxe sample size instead of full sized. That was NOT the case for this box. Every product inside was a full-sized item! SCORE!!!!


Just like the last Memebox I received, there was an informative card inside. It’s really nice to know what the item is and how to use them!!!


  • Insobeau Natural Base Cereal Peeling Mask 150ml. Retail $27

This mask/scrub from Insobeau is the first mask I’ve ever tried with rice and cornstarch in it. It has a very interesting smell, reminded me of the rice cereal my kids ate as infants. I never would’ve thought my kids were so skin care savvy as babies! They were smearing their rice cereal all over their faces before I ever thought to! This mask helps remove dead skin and infusing your skin with nutrition at the same time. If you hate the smell of rice cereal or cornstarch, beware!!


  • Eglips JolieBeBe Lip Polish 15ml. Retail $7

I really love this Lip Polish! I love the fact that it comes in a tube. That makes it so much easier to store. I have other lip scrubs that come in jars and the sugary sweet smell worries me that it will attract ants. Or bacteria. This scrub has shea butter and jojoba oli that make your lips baby soft.


  • The Herb Factory Foot Scrub Peppermint & Tea Tree 200g. Retail $14.

This Foot Scrub has such a nice tingle from the Peppermint & Tea Tree. I love the cooling and soothing feeling it gives while you scrub your feet smooth. There are many claims about Tea Tree oil out there. It definitely is a nice additional to the Herb Factory’s Foot Scrub.


  • Pibugonggam G Facial Scrub 50g. Retail $13

This Facial Scrub smells divine! It has a light citrus and floral smell. The scrub is a very gentle scrub and it reminds me a little of marmalade. I have used this for several days in a row without any irritation. My daughter even gave it a try and she also liked how it felt. If you are looking for a great smelling scrub that isn’t super scrub-y this is a great product for you!


  • Tosowoong Perfume Body Scrub Wash g. Retail $19

I’m not too sure why I only took a picture of the box on this product. The tube looks just like the photo on the information card. I was a little nervous about this being a “perfume” body wash. I have some sensitivity to perfumes and other scents. Thankfully, the scent is fairly light and doesn’t bother me at all. The body scrub is a nice time saver since it is foamy and scrubby! This scrub reminded me of the apricot facial scrubs I have used for years. It is definitely an upgraded version since it has a richer scent and feels moisturizing. This is definitely my favorite from the box. Tosowoong Perfume Body Scrub Wash is also available in the Memeshop.


My tube had a typo. No biggie though ^_^

  • New Girl Fast Scalp Hair Root Up Ampoule 20ml. Retail $6

Until I started using a thinning hair system recently, I hadn’t really thought too much about my scalp health. Silly, I know. I was glad to see this Scalp treatment in the Memebox. I really feel like my scalp gets a lot cleaner when I use this product before washing. It helps your scalp feel really clean. There is salicylic acid in this treatment too. Since I sweat a lot in the Florida heat, this is really nice to get into my scalp and dry up oil or bacteria that may be lurking on my sweaty head. There are also good things like green tea water and panthenol to help care for your scalp.

This Memebox sold for $23 but is now sold out. In case you weren’t totaling up the item prices, here is the breakdown:

$27 Insobeau Natural Base Cereal Peeling Mask
$7 Eglips JolieBeBe Lip Polish
$14 The Herb Factory Foot Scrub Peppermint & Tea Tree
$13 Pibugonggam G Facial Scrub
$19 Tosowoong Perfume Body Scrub
$6 New Girl Fast Scalp Hair Root Up Ampoule

$86 Value! I suppose it was pretty obvious the value of this box would far exceed the cost when the first item in the list was over the box price! Memebox has amazing deals on these products. I’m pretty impressed with their boxes!

There are some new collections available you might want to check out!




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There are different box types to choose from also:


The original Memebox comes packed with 4 – 8 full-sized products and deluxe samples.


Each Superbox comes with its own theme, and contains only full-sized items.


Each month, we team up with style icons to curate special Superboxes featuring each collaborator’s favorite items – keep an eye on these, they sell out fast!”

Are you in love with Memebox too? I’d love to hear about your favorite box(es) so far!!!

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