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Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription service that brings you 10-12 handpicked kawaii items from Japan and Korea. In case you aren’t familiar with the word kawaii, it is the equivalent of cute/adorable/charming/lovely/pretty/SoCuteIdie in Japanese. Do you think you can get through a box packed with cuteness without  squee’ing? (I couldn’t)

First off, the actual box has adorable images on it! It had a cute sticker AND this adorable bunny!!!!

kawaii_box_unboxing_contents_november_2014_bunny_usagi Want more bunny cuteness? CLICK HERE!


Even the inside of Kawaii Box is kawaii!!

One more graphic item, then I will show you what’s inside. I PROMISE!


Ok, I got that out of my system. I had to share all the adorable things because you just should see it all. I bet you really want to know what’s actually inside….


Let’s take this slow so you don’t go on cuteness overload. When I opened the box and saw the sweet little face on the left I started to get loud! Because,


=^● ⋏ ●^=  PUSHEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =^● ⋏ ●^= (click it)

This little Pusheen is a keychain actually. I love it so much. What’s not to love about Pusheen? I wish she was my kitty. Now I can at least pretend! ^_^

Also, I’m pretty sure that Pusheen is another word for adorable.


I hope you are able to scroll away from the Pusheen picture to see the rest of the contents of the box. This super sweet Little Sheep 2015 Mini Calendar will definitely be making a home at my desk. Cutest calendar I’ve seen in a long time. kawaii_box_zipper_bracelet_november_2014

I think this little zipper bracelet is really sweet too!! I like the concept of wearing a zipper. The pink doesn’t hurt either. I love all things pink!!!


Not exactly sure what the keychain on the left is. Maybe a shortcake or macaron? It holds I do like the OMG one though!!! This will be hanging in my car soon.  I’m making a kawaii cord to put it on. OMG it even glows!!!!!


I don’t think this box would’ve been complete without a Sanrio item! When I think of kawaiiness or cuteness, I think of the Sanrio universe immediately. I am lucky that my dad used to bring me TONS of stuff when he went overseas. I will be sure not to wear these socks on the same day I wear my Kuromi headband. I’m not even sure what might happen!!!


Pandas are adorable in general. These Yoofun stickers show Pandas dancing. Breakdancing at that, at least I think! Cuteness level=MAXIMUM!


Ok, I admit that Pocky aren’t really kawaii. They are delicious though. I think that the Kawaii Box folks added the Pocky in since they knew that people would be squealing in delight and carrying on as they unboxed their package. Great little snack that’s almost as sweet as the other items inside Kawaii Box!


I would love to be a creative crafty person. For some reason it doesn’t work out for me. I am not sure where or how I will use these bud silk stationary stickers. I am going to consult my daughter, and Pinterest. If you have any ideas, let me know! These are way too cute to NOT use!


I think these Little Talk adhesive tabs are super cute! I use these type of tabs at work to mark information. I also use them as bookmarks. I will not bother wasting the adorable tabs at work!!!! I will be using them as sweet little bookmarks that don’t fall out of damage my book.


Kawaii Box also included a few paper inserts. There is a discount on Blippo.com and also a note to show off your Kawaii Box on social media to enter to win a Kawaii MEGABOX! This is definitely something I will be doing. You may even have seen my picture before you read this…


So here is everything I received in one of the most adorable packages I’ve ever opened!!! The Kawaii Box subscription is $18.90/month for a 3 month subscription. I’m not sure what the retail value on the items inside the box would be. It will be up to you to decide if the value supports the subscription cost. I personally think this is a great deal. If you are looking for specific items, you can find deals on The Blippo Kawaii Shop site. There are lots of Sanrio characters, treats and other kawaii fun stuff!!!



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Want a Kawaii Box for yourself? You are in luck!!!! Kawaii Box is allowing me to giveaway a box to a lucky reader. Enter via Rafflecopter! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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