LiveWIRE Beauty Professional Eyelash Curler

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I have a longstanding love/hate relationship with eyelash curlers.I’d love to have perfectly curled eyelashes but HATE to use eyelash curlers. I recently tried out the LiveWIRE Beauty Professional Eyelash Curler. 

I have used quite a few curlers over the years. I started off with a drugstore curler. I believe I bought my first from Ulta. My very first eyelash curler was a Revlon. It was ok, it really took me a long time to learn how not to pinch my eyelids. I have really straight lashes that absolutely do NOT hold a curl at all. I tried curling my lashes everyday in hopes that they would eventually submit to the curl. No.Such.Luck.

After the Revlon curler, I bought an Ulta brand curler. I think there had been a buy one get one half off sale on Ulta tools so I decided to try a different one. I was hoping that maybe it was just my current curler…. Sadly, my results were not much different with the Ulta Curler than the Revlon one. I still have both, the Revlon one is pretty old now!!!!


I tried the LiveWIRE Beauty Eyelash Curler hoping that I would get some better results.


The LiveWIRE Beauty Eyelash Curler looks sturdy. It has a typical design as most eyelash curlers. This is a cage style curler since it has side bars on the curler area. The side bars can be a problem for me since they keep me from getting close enough to my lashes.


The LiveWIRE Beauty Eyelash Curler does have the same issue with the side bars making it difficult to get close enough to my lashes. I can get most of my lashes inside the curler, but not all. The pad inside the crimping area seems to be sturdy enough that it does not ACTUALLY crimp my lashes like the Revlon was used to. I do get a nice curl to my lashes when I use this curler, it just doesn’t stay. #firstworldproblems I know.

Overall, this is a quality eyelash curler. I like that the pad never needs to be changed! In fairness, I’ve never changed the pads on the two I had before. Maybe they are very overdue!!!

The Professional Eyelash Curler – Never Needs Refill Pads! – Doesn’t Pinch Or Pull! – Best Curl For Full Eyelashes With Cute Pink Packaging is a Amazon Prime eligible item!!

Do you have a favorite curler? How about tips to get stubborn lashes to stay curled? Help me!!!

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  1. Oh I need a new eyelash curler. Mine finally gave in the other day. It was something I bought from TJmaxx for $5 lol. I love that this doesn’t need to be refilled, I mean who does that anyway? I know I don’t haha.

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