Beautonics Derma Roller Review

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It seems that I have been hearing about Derma Rollers a lot recently. I enjoy trying different skin care methods and an opportunity came up for me to see what Derma Rollers are all about. I will be showing you a Beautonics Derma Roller 1.0 mm size.

Disclaimer-My blog contents are strictly for informational purposes. Any statements and opinions on this blog are no substitute for  professional medical care or consultation! Not that I think you thought I was a doctor, just putting it out there in case.

Derma Rollers are small rollers which contain rows of micro needles. There are many different sizes and varieties to choose from. The Beautonics Derma Roller has 192 needles that are 1.0mm long.


Derma Rollers are a ONE user tool. You should not be sharing these with anyone else! If you think this is a bit paranoid, read THIS! Please don’t share personal care items with anyone. I was very happy to see that the Beautonics Derma Roller came in sterile packaging. I also cleaned and disinfected it before using. Better safe than sorry…


When I took the roller out of the package and saw the needles, I started to get a bit nervous because needles. ON. MY. FACE. I have tattoos and piercings but still was plenty nervous. My skin is semi sensitive and marks very easily so I think my concerns were valid and not just irrational fear. Derma Rollers are supposed to help benefit your skin by causing micro-injuries that the body will then work to repair. The repair process is said to boost collagen production. Collagen is what helps keep your skin looking youthful as it supplies elasticity. This won’t be a science lesson though, there are plenty of online articles if you want to know more. I am interested in Derma Rollers for the collagen boost as well as help with hyperpigmentation.


The needles of the Derma Roller help your skin absorb ingredients in your skin care better than just exfoliation does. I have had success with skin brighteners but am now wishing I’d used a Derma Roller before applying the products. Live and learn.


A few important things to know before you use a Derma Roller. You do not want to roll your skin if you plan on going out for several hours after. Your face will be a bit angry. My skin looks like I got a sunburn after I roll my face. It feels slightly itchy too.


Unhappy skin! Not cute

If the red and blotchy look is your goal, then you are in luck! I slather my face with aloe gel after using the Derma Roller and by morning all is well. You should not wear makeup for at least 24 hours after rolling. Different size rollers are used at different treatment intervals. Check recommendations before you go nutty with your roller. I did not think you were supposed to use it on your lips (and maybe you aren’t) but I’ve seen online that using the roller on your lips is good to make them appear more full. That sounds reasonable, but I have my doubts. I rolled my lips during my last session and then applied hyaluronic acid to them. Time will tell if this has any effect.

I have only used the Beautonics Derma Roller twice since it arrived so I don’t have any before/after pics for you. I’ve read that it can take a year or so to see results. I will update when I can see something tangible to show you.

The good news: It doesn’t hurt! As the roller goes over your skin, you feel a small pricking sensation but it is nothing like I feared it would be. It is less pain than tweezing IMO.

You can find the Beautonics Derma Roller on Amazon, affiliate link below.

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Have you tried to needle yourself? What are you using? I am also curious about Derma Stamps too.

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