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I have always been curious to try airbrush makeup! Airbrush makeup makes me think of dreamy perfection! Today I am sharing my experience with Luminess Air Airbush Kit and Airbrush Cosmetics.


Airbrush makeup isn’t something that is new to the cosmetics industry. Airbrush has definitely become way more accessible to the home beauty lover. There are several manufacturers that have affordable and easy to use machines. YouTube and blogs are plentiful to help you learn how to use your lovely machines too! Luminess Air has a compact and effective Airbrush System which I’ve enjoyed trying out.


Small, quiet, and convenient <3


The Airbrush system kit comes with everything you need to get started. There’s a getting started guide, a DVD, makeup starter kit, and the unit comes fully assembled. Luminess offers a 1 year warranty on their Airbrush systems also.


Why airbrush? For me, I personally hate the feel of foundation and heavy makeup on my skin. I generally don’t bother with foundation at all. I wanted to see if airbrush foundation was truly as light feeling as I’ve read and heard. There are no brushes or makeup sponges to wash since airbrushing is applied in a way that you are blending as you go. You also don’t actually touch your face during application which is super kind to your skin!! Sounds great, right? I thought so!!!


The Luminess Technique stylus has a no mess tip on it. The stylus truly is no mess, I was concerned there would be drops on my counter, but zero messes after several uses. The stylus is easy to hold and easy to clean. You empty out the cup/chamber after you’ve used all your makeup. Then I fill with water straight from the sink, there is a small water bottle that comes with your unit too, in case you aren’t applying near a sink.


The kit I received also came with a starter kit of cosmetics. It was a bit hard to select my color match using the online shade examples. Luminess Air does offer a color matching service on their website, they will assist you in finding a foundation match. I did not take advantage of this option unfortunately. 🙁


Shade 5 seemed like it would be a good fit for me. I apparently think I am far more tan than I actually am. This has happened to me a few times and it shocks me how pale my skin has gotten now that I avoid the sun like the plague! I really liked that the starter kit included a primer along with the foundation. I have quite oily skin and prefer to use a primer to help keep the oil slick under control. Better still, the Luminess Air cosmetics are oil-free, water based mineral formulas so I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about clogging up my pores or a greasy and heavy feel.


Using the airbrush machine does take some practice. The machine itself is very easy to use! Getting the technique down is a hands on, learn as you go type of thing after you’ve read or watched the basics. The DVD that comes with the system is nice but I found the videos available through the *free* Luminess Air app for my iPhone more helpful. The additional videos on Youtube or the app have a lot more information and longer demonstrations. I suggest watching the videos while you wait on your unit to arrive.

The app also has a store full of additional products for your Luminess Airbrush system. There is a pretty big variety of products available. They have everything you need in the store. There are different foundation formulas, highlighters, bronzers, blushes, eyeshadows, powders, eyeliner, you name it!!! I was surprised at how many different products there are for the airbrush system.

I bet you’d like to see how I made out using the unit. I am going to show you before and after. I do want to mention that the foundation shades I selected ended up being a bit too dark so you’ll need to overlook this small detail. First, I have a before image for you. Warning-I am not wearing any makeup at ALL in this photo. Sensitive readers may be offended.



I do not attempt to cover up and hide my freckles with airbrush or other makeup that I wear. I wouldn’t look right to myself if the freckle-splosion on my face wasn’t there. This post is no exception. Here is the ‘after’ pic:


Foundation shade a bit dark but still not bad.

I used a bit of Shade 6 as a contour shade. I also attempted to use foundation, blush and a bit of the brightening glow on my eyelids to have a bit of color. The only other makeup I used was a bit of e.l.f. mascara. And my Nars translucent powder to set.

My iPhone actually took a better picture than the camera did.


I used different lighting when I used my phone to snap a pic. I also think I used flash here. My phone pic toned down the foundation mismatch.


All in all, I’ve enjoyed using the Luminess Air Airbrush System. I will be buying a better foundation match and getting more practice in with a matching shade to get more of an idea how the daily routine works out for me.

Check out the system on the Luminess Air website.

You can try out the system for 30 days for $19.95 right now. Click for more information

You can also find Luminess Air on Facebook    Twitter    Pinterest    YouTube

Have you tried out Luminess? I’d love to hear about your experience and any tips you may have!!! 


Product provided for honest review.Click for disclosure.

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