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I just want to say, THANK YOU for reading my blog. I realize how many beauty blogs there are out there, so I appreciate each and every reader. ❤❤❤❤❤

I wanted to tell you a little about me. I’m a mom, a beauty evangelist, and a glitterholic. I’m also an adoptee, a bigtime bookworm, anime lover, geocacher, and music obsessed. I’m a MAJOR Beatles, Pearl JamTori Amos, Nine Inch Nails fan (soooo many others)!

I have an autistic son and a young daughter, *they* are the best part of my life! I actually prefer to keep this part of my life a little more private. There won’t be much mommy talk on here.

I decided to blog since I needed something just for me. I work a (very bland) day job, but I dream in glitter every night!! I thought this would be a great form of expression. No boss, no kids, just me.

I have (and hopefully had!) a lot of friends that are afraid to use bold colors and get crazy with their makeup and nails, initially this began with me capturing some of my looks for them. Once I started sharing, I figured I should share with everyone!! Sharing is caring after all. ^_^

I am not a dermatologist, doctor, chemist, cosmetologist, beauty expert, or “guru”. I’m sure you haven’t mistaken me for any of these things, I just wanted to state the facts here!! I’m just sharing opinions and experiences. I’m not even going to pretend that my posts are going to be on a regular schedule. I love to do this, and I’d love to have all the time in the world to do it more too! That just isn’t the nature of my life, sorry. Working full time, then trying to give my all to my kiddos and then trying to maintain my friendships is a lot. Add in shopping, fun time, networking, researching, and other misc life stuff and time is in the red. I really intend to give you as much as is humanly possible!!!!

Let’s all get together and help each other gain confidence and get more sparkly and colorful!!! I believe makeup makes our natural beauty shine!!! It’s just fun, too! ^_^

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I’m sure you’ve wondered….Why is this blog named Harajuku Girl? Alright, you asked for it, lol!!

There is an area in Tokyo, Japan where young people (teens and young 20’s) get together and hang out. Schools in Japan require uniforms, and there is a general expectation of conformity in society. On Sundays, (since school is Monday through Saturday!) youth hang out by the Harajuku station in Tokyo. The same thing happens in other areas of Japan and many other countries around the world too. Why? Just to just be themselves!! They want to express themselves, just like we all want to do.

The Harajuku area sees an eclectic bunch every Sunday!!! People just come as they are. There’s so many different looks people rock out when they arrive! Ranges of looks from traditional to gothic Lolita to everyday clothes. Some just come for the fun of it and people watch. The point is, they are having fun and doing what they WANT! Some people come more than just Sunday. It’s been going on as far back as World War II, so Gwen Stefani wasn’t the first to discover it. She isn’t pronouncing it right ➡️for starters⬅️. It’s not “Hair-ajuku”, it’s Ha-ra-juu-ku. Despite how celebrities in the US choose to portray Harajuku culture, I see it as a pretty form of rebellion. It’s peaceful and harmless. It’s also creative and interesting. No, I’m not a teen or young adult anymore, but I still feel like one. I still believe that everyone should be able to express themselves in a beautiful, and peaceful way.

I’m a former youth with Japanese heritage. I’m from Florida (the Sunshine State), USA. Hopefully that makes sense. If you haven’t heard of Harajuku, you should look it up!!! A lot of trends actually come from this area and transfer over to runways, schools, and possibly the cubicle near you!!

Are you still there? Good. I’m prone to being excessively verbose (loquacious), get used to it….


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Get outta control here!! Listen to the musical loves of my life via Gremmie.net

Get outta control here!! Listen to the musical loves of my life via Gremmie.net




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