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If you’d like to contact me to discuss girly stuff, feel free to drop me a line!My email addy—harajukugirlfl (at} *gmail* [dot) <com~ Sorry it looks so crazy, have to always be on bot patrol…SPAM is unwelcome ⊗ !! If you’d like to just say hi, that’s great❣ You can also contact me via the FB page. I’m also on Twitter and Instagram too.

If you are a manufacturer or PR company and would like to send me information and/or samples for review, please contact me for more information and a copy of my media kit.

I blog about cosmetics including:

  • makeup
  • makeup/nail polish tools and accessories
  • nail polish
  • skin care
  • hair care
  • jewelry (less frequently)

I prefer to stay within this realm.

I give honest reviews and my opinion/integrity is not for sale.


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